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Hometown’s Email List

Posted on January 11th, 2012 | Posted in Announcements, Marketing

Hometown Provisions sends out two weekly emails to make sure that our customers and customers’ patrons are in the know.

  • On Friday mornings we send out our Weekly Newsletter that informs our customer’s of Monthly Specials, Featured Products, Seasonal Products, Weekly Recipes as well as any Hometown Announcements.

  • On Wednesday mornings we send out Hometown’s Weekend Menu-which allows our customer’s to share with the public any events they have going on or changes at their restaurant. This email is available to the public so that they can see what is going on for the weekend. Hometown’s hope is that this gives our customer’s more publicity than what they would normally receive.

If you have yet to sign up for our email list please do so here so that we can keep you informed with the latest and greatest from Hometown Provisions!

Featured Product-Turkey Hill Drinks

Posted on October 10th, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product, Marketing

We sell Turkey Hill Drinks, a refreshing beverage no matter what time of year. Turkey Hill products are special order so please be sure to pre-order them. If you would like Turkey Hill signage we can provide you with a cardboard cut out or a banner, just let your Sales Rep know-717-464-4165.

Turkey Hill Signage

ITEM ID      DESCRIPTION                                                                   PACK SIZE
TKH136       FRUIT PUNCH-4/1GAL TURKEY HILL**                 4/CS
TKH42         ICED TEA-1/2GAL 9/CS TURKEY HILL                     9/CS
TKH43         ICED TEA-16OZ 22/CS TURKEY HILL                     22/16OZ
TKH123      ICED TEA-20OZ 18/CS TH                                             18/20OZ
TKH41         ICED TEA-4/1GAL TURKEY HILL                               4/1GAL
TKH44         ICED TEA-8OZ 48/CS TURKEY HILL**                  48/8OZ
TKH184      ICED TEA-BLUEBERRY OOLONG 1/2GAL**           9/CS
TKH52        ICED TEA-DIET 1/2GAL 9/CS**                                    9/CS
TKH53        ICED TEA-DIET 16OZ 22/CS                                         22/16OZ
TKH124      ICED TEA-DIET 20OZ 18/CS TH                                 18/20OZ
TKH51         ICED TEA-DIET 4/1GAL**                                             4/1GAL
TKH186      ICED TEA-DIET DECAF 16OZ 22/CS TH**             22/16OZ
TKH162      ICED TEA-DIET DECAF ORANGE 1/2GAL**           9/CS
TKH157      ICED TEA-DIET GREEN 1/2GAL 9/CS TH**           9/CS
TKH156      ICED TEA-DIET GREEN 16OZ 22/CS TH                 22/16OZ
TKH1310   ICED TEA-DIET GREEN 20OZ 18/CS TH                 18/20OZ
TKH204     ICED TEA-DIET GREEN 4/1GAL                                  4/1GAL
TKH1309   ICED TEA-DIET GREEN MANGO 16OZ                   22/16OZ
TKH1321    ICED TEA-DIET PEACH WHT 16OZ 22/CS**       22/16OZ
TKH174      ICED TEA-GREEN 1/2GAL 9/CS TH**                      9/CS
TKH61         ICED TEA-GREEN 16OZ 22/CS                                  22/16OZ
TKH137      ICED TEA-GREEN 20OZ 18/CS                                 18/20OZ
TKH131       ICED TEA-GREEN 4/1GAL TH**                               4/1GAL
TKH45         ICED TEA-LEMON 1/2GAL 9/CS**                          9/CS
TKH46         ICED TEA-LEMON 16OZ 22/CS                               22/16OZ
TKH1100    ICED TEA-LEMON 20OZ 18/CS TH**                   18/20OZ
TKH182       ICED TEA-LEMON 4/1GAL**                                    4/1GAL
TKH47         ICED TEA-ORANGE 1/2GAL 9/CS                           9/CS
TKH48         ICED TEA-ORANGE 16OZ 22/CS                            22/16OZ
TKH126       ICED TEA-ORANGE 20OZ 18/CS                           18/20OZ
TKH66         ICED TEA-ORANGE 4/1GAL                                     4/1GAL
TKH191       ICED TEA-PEACH 1/2GAL 9/CS**                         9/CS
TKH192       ICED TEA-PEACH 16OZ 22/CS                              22/16OZ
TKH187       ICED TEA-RASPBERRY 1/2GAL 9/CS**            9/CS
TKH188       ICED TEA-RASPBERRY 16OZ 22/CS**             22/16OZ
TKH1299    ICED TEA-SOUTHERN 1/2GAL 9/CS**              9/CS
TKH1336    ICED TEA-SOUTHERN 20OZ 18/CS TH**        18/20OZ
TKH1315    ICED TEA-SOUTHERN BREW 4/1GAL**            4/1GAL
TKH64         JUICE-ORANGE 1/2GAL 9/CS**                            9/CS
TKH70        JUICE-ORANGE 16OZ 20/CS**                            20/16OZ
TKH57        LEMONADE-1/2GAL 9/CS TURKEY HILL**     9/CS
TKH58        LEMONADE-16OZ 22/CS TURKEY HILL          22/16OZ
TKH125     LEMONADE-20OZ 18/CS TURKEY HILL         18/20OZ
TKH155     LEMONADE-4/1GAL TURKEY HILL **              4/1GAL
TKH39        LEMONADE-8OZ 48/CS TURKEY HILL**        48/8OZ
TKH161      LEMONADE-STRAW/KIWI 16OZ 22/CS          22/16OZ
TKH56        ORANGE DRINK-8OZ 48/CS**                              48/8OZ
TKH177     ORANGEADE-4/1GAL TH**                                     4/1GAL

Marketing Material

Posted on January 25th, 2011 | Posted in Marketing

If you are interested in promoting any of the products that you buy from Hometown Provisions please let us know. We get a variety of marketing material from different vendors and would be happy to provide you with any of it! If we do not have what you are looking for, we will try to track it down. Here are some Devault Foods’ table tents that we have in stock. Let us know if we can send some along to your store.

Devault Foods’ Table Tents